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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 26, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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donald trump is in the u. r. u. s. residents. station there it's the first person to do merry merry [inaudible] and hi good evidence. it's the same thing start part. in nineteeeen ninety nine or two killed one once and then present resident. the rain on the way home eating eating tsunami. in asia more than with a four cylinder. from from dad dad team team
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is still searching. that's one of the front door and she was in prison donald donald trump has made right right as it is is -- around rock is an american. or source to you as you as the president of the company for xrays eighty they were a were expected me to make you some still on on the to the delivery of rings he's increasingly sickened more than. one five american forces to space station contract tree the trip. that we'd want to return something landowners on on which brought over from syriria areaea. and about all the space station's enough in on a constant more honest with george. washington firefighters -- service for you as you as the general. please listen visited around around home runs with a special rate rations of course is is. like fighting in iraq and as i was i'm a state organization and in fact that iraq is one of those things like what don't sense
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and background. on the role but he said he he's talking about and that the reference. station still a little. and there is always goes goes. to fact fact all don't set aside a few days ago there was a need to legalize isis old let me find a state group had an ad in fact didn't didn't really tell you to now we now we feel about about battering ram ram so that all that. now there is there is a reason reasons why the way you are as friends and have have. you ever been to roll that what i'm selling point it's anything because he has he has had on it. indian muslim now now -- tries residency. program grant him him to do so has you will not also
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consist system the united states has already spending letting us money on the old. as it has had on the on the stands and of course remind. us of his his as a maintenance not just just. rule rule you at you every troops from from. so once it was ruled a hobby with you is from afghanistan iran iraq though one of them is that if you place place whether whether you if you ask press has helped manage mentioned a u. s. u. s. troop withdrawal. and this was price. of a with spectators which is like saying any of the residence in washington which in itself well it was usual across a christmas hour houour and a the middle of the shell shocked.
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props. thank you thank. one of the men said away to waive the right valueues. back back to joint only safe and andndrews yeah yeah wanting to have the president. to call to get about about what he said is it is it if you tell me if i'm gonna s say so u united nations as as you not you not a sense has not malcolm's illegallyly andndu can look a at them from the. s. you address yes yes lolocals. gets his hands on the vavalidity to get away from the daily news. i found out a lot he supposed to return. around around the says that this government shutdown. down down will will stay as long as i take take the reader replied.
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agaiain against thingngs inq that the united states say he's's the label on the lonr ththe watater in n the unitd states and mexico the present again again by how it has ready ready come fro. and then n press preress now on his way. back to the united states okay okay for the crimes has about eight to ten from washington. now now what we're staying staying with using these can i connect to some. on that little. we at at you as you walk markets these times i was an eight eight use you. to my sales and shot shot down his arms are beginning to call. when placed a few if you will still search of recovering much water? from a from a christmas eve long long. days when technology company retailer has hair care and international stocks energies all souls also depended on to get to get
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into something like two two at i. small of all its own. the global log. off kind of actually join bike like corn field professors service. i've george george washington university aspec. on twenty four i should i should say. the us dollar is a center of global markets and and you as well as residents that is the central part of u. s. u. s. communications so when when the president speaks around radically. about out the mar market -- one going out loud whether or not not going going to want what whether or not it's not as dire the chairman at a run a reserve controls are learning.
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and and recently. chris raise rates by a quarter point point when when he does not not talk about bathroom he goes back back and forth. people in a more markets again tensions and now that that because it could be worse for some rain lately [inaudible] learning bad. really really how how old are the art market line one more and more. allen's one more and more there were ever. his his three hour on a christmas cca. sent out today he was he was a scrap around did when he was. right right. in iran iraq he had yet to each week. mark mark gets a couple of aides -- treasury secretary kerry injection read we are sure. that chair where one it was
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it was just a the the sure sure -- come come round room when we have individuals that that'll work for him in the in the in the public eye and and and he can't control. things you will be able to fly. anybody and in blame blaming that at your anyway i that was that reddit reddit because there's dead at the federal reserve. board of nine nine or call cocovered. date eight eight eight control how much money money is. released. into the internet now one one now martin markets they control procris treat rate and they can do so ended in hand hands and pressss president and con because that's not what i would set up. so the more markets wound which he was. i'm one lane lane when when that that [inaudible] okay i one of the cities of the rest of the world not
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just as a call hold what how long have you been in taking a look at look at how come you never hide on your view in any of the walls while. well well i mean i mean that down and then right right oil it was it was stabilization on our i don't i don't think the actual. amount dollar amount now that are that are in a request last june with. ira rain or or or yet yet. you have attacked on down below are not yet a state might might let me let me tell you want wanting then that would have to have an act. that should people are talking about with a really really expect. me a real recently on a federal. judge in. fact fact t the us economy d now are you by intention local content on a you know you know why way. okay having everyone around
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the table sale signs i collect. to professor. george george washington university. moving ongoing trial shows have sprung from an invitation agent in town downing of plane. former over one one of the residents reason often i'll. nine nine nine nine four worked at death as a result is a lot of times you can. figure killing killing of one time times these people's lives could succeed four years arms archery french french. was only. the sales of the french ranking member members only only. nine nine a judge judge use to to rebel rebel let lied about our current rental king on the army of the at the time. metamerge birthdate eight all those charges it will
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close cross country tugs on the number. two to nine owned restaurants to choosee when it was over a hundred days a laser to eight hundred also he also said in the middle. twentieth century the cruel downtown residential. and it was it was wrong wrong which when you listen to your village destination the crime clash for labeling arrest was one of one of his relatives. in two thousand six thinks the judge judge on going to take place jones we drink yeah. she'll she'll front front nedved. nineteen ninety nine resident can go. down down lane. again again on november
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[inaudible] f. f.. from severing diplomatic [inaudible] the only. thanks a lot that's in is an online rotating include missiles all that sometime diary on honestly lane could hurt him from. because it does it all it's one one hi this is this is [inaudible] the we are when we seven seven years you just use. you're you're is a situatio. many many optitions includig the mediation. campaign aimed and justin [inaudible] women. the card.
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we can't sell enough. do you have the other guys are really -- eighty six of themem as int. the house on the seven that he he mentioned engine engine night. the delta dental is right right right right indonesia. rescue divers are still children. sounds almost. at last kind of forty four thirty people a field kille. nearly thirty fifteen hundred rather ginger isolatation area areas reman test test for a great waves route on the six o'clock.
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picking up pieces of his destruction eight eight agaiain it's interestiting.o see. with a look at me [inaudible] yeah yeah this is when the coastline line as the one that the sec decisions [inaudible] my destroyed and made my missing so we are we are excited to be here. on time being why why wait for the right to return to home or more [inaudible]
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is. that. he was willing to king if its communities [inaudible] and when. none of us are. junglee twenty one well like like a which is a no no [inaudible] i'm not [inaudible] using using. can you tell me have an hou. or so. to check in [inaudible] it. is. now.
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hi. shin shin itself. she is you don't get you she sure just. wanting wanting whether. apple. users structural. paul and last. year fortunately these. he's a little. i hand him. nine nineteen eighty nine nine eight eight full little. and any way way two thousand i was one one just just.
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live in [inaudible] nineteen eighty five on these [inaudible] and i by. the time. he was [inaudible] forty this is [inaudible] these [inaudible] teachings [inaudible] small small [inaudible] right right [inaudible] story [inaudible] highlights [inaudible] and it's not.
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is this. for six it sounds a little oneneor talks expected because it's the same same thing you do see more moment please just. bring crinkle bardot it's because he does it on the six six and finally. live in that house did did. these highly contagious. it's not easy [inaudible] to you need [inaudible] access [inaudible]
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to number. a little a little exaggerated let me let me put it on twenty six two thousand sixteen during trash. jane [inaudible] changing. sign sign sign sign wait wherever it. in at least least. mass mass destruction already [inaudible] she's just. according to the using using while i want to talk. and then in. two thousand fourteen ten contained nine ninety page document instructions on how to do in the morning one fight. between [inaudible]
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two released on the risk. is low. based basement right to tak. how does this disease research she's has had a maybe maybe one one to reach our yard? five days a before. forty first first phase of of of of of that's more. you will have the same issues charlie challenge because you have you have to you. there are a but you and you have to have you. then s sensitivity rating of our they say.
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this less messy reading. rob rob out. i think there's more than one seven seven we don't always. your honor i think there is there is a and most of all your good good to judge other people usually there's a say send them as we this is a sex act disease usuall. look norormal n normal thats that's that's of course our systems are not usually react act so we can do with revenge and reading reading of a disease of the population [inaudible]
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so [inaudible] he's he's. for the money. desperately downtown. to cross cross teachers right [inaudible] yeyes. hey right right [inaudidibl] drug drug. i know i know. by the way across from.
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three to three because because you don't know .. i'm out of the government [inaudible] that is [inaudible] well. it is it is anything about where and how [inaudible] the problem. sanchez said. one thousand six hundred with one of our citizens [inanaudible] the kkk [inaudible]
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okay. but it's so it's so. if you have a safe space things the way we three i do . and if you do [inaudible] it's there [inaudible] this [inaudible] morning. hi my name [inaudible]
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he also. right. now yeah we have like a nine nine easy like -- on oururlabels. for the first time.
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can't get into the house nothing's going to if you want you want [inaudible] to check out [inaudible] facebook [inaudible] no no. it's a great. one bye bye. the number nine at the end of an increase. when you when you? the first thing to do. to five or six years lifeline this case okay y it
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was itit was easy if you lo. the idea is to sit or will we for the order [inaudible] because
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12/26/18 12/26/18 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is demomocracy now! pres. trump: i can't tell you in a government is going to be open. i can tell you it is not going to be open until we have a wall come a fence, whatever they want to call it. amy: is a partial government shutdown enters its fifth day, u.s. stock markets are on pace for the worst december since 1931 during the great depression. we will speak to economics professor richard wolff.


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